Tewkesbury Baptist Chapel Concerts

Date(s) - 10th Jul 2022 - 18th Sep 2022

Sunday 10th July 3.30pm Sirinu play music for Margaret of York, during the Tewkesbury Medieval weekend celebrating the Battle of Tewkesbury 1471

Sunday 6th August 3pm Nathaniel Mander will play English Harpsichord Music by Byrd, Tomkins, Purcell, Handel and JC Bach.

Sunday 4th September 3.30pm Pellingman’s Saraband; music for lute and viol performed by Jacob Herringman and Susanna Pell

Sunday 18th September 3.30pm Musical and Amicables with Hannah Davey Music-making in the Bach household



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Old Baptist Chapel, Tewkesbury