WEM collaborates with the Oriel Singers

Date(s) - 7th Mar 2020

This concert is a collaboration with the Oriel Singers from Cheltenham conducted by Ben Sawyer with Worcestershire Early Music – we have  organised some instrumentalists (violins, cornetts and sackbuts) to join the singers for In Ecclesiis – a programme of 17th century polyphonic music from across Europe.

The concert will include a reflective first half – de Padilla’s Missa Ego flos campi, Gesualdo O vos omnes, Schütz Selig sind die Toten – and finishing with Monteverdi’s glorious Beatus Vir.

In the second half there’s more Monteverdi and Schütz plus Giovanni Gabrieli’s Jubilate Deo and In Ecclesiis, after which the concert is named.  See below for the full programme.

Tickets available via the Oriel Singers website.


Here’s the full programme:

Missa Ego flos campi: Kirie – Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (J)

O Vos Omnes – Carlo Gesualdo (O)

Missa Ego flos campi: Gloria – Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (J)

Canzon VI – Gabrieli (I)

Missa Ego flos campi: Credo – Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (J)

Selig sind die Toten, SWV 281 – Heinrich Schütz (O)

Missa Ego flos campi: Sanctus – Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (J)

Pater Noster – Jacob Handl (O)

Canzon Primi Toni – Gabrieli (I)

Missa Ego flos campi: Agnus Dei – Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (J)

Beatus Vir – Claudio Monteverdi (J)



Jubilate Deo – Giovanni Gabrieli (J)

Cantate Domino – Claudio Monteverdi (O)

Lieto Godea – Gabrieli (I)

Rossi – Sonata quarta sopra l’Arie di Ruggiero (I)

Psalms of David, Op.2: Jauchzet den Herren, alle Welt, SWV 36 – Heinrich Schütz (+continuo) (O)

In ecclesiis (a 14), C78 – Giovanni Gabrieli (J)

La Mantovana – Viadana (I)

Psalms of David, Op.2: Alleluja! Lobet den Herren, SWV 38 – Heinrich Schütz (J)

(O = Oriel Singers, I = instrumental, J = choir and instruments)


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St Martin's Church, Worcester