Early Music Festival 2021

Our Festival planned for May last year and postponed till May this year, is, not surprisingly, changing shape as we continue to experience restrictions.

Some of the artists due to come to Worcester are experiencing unforeseen problems: for example, a lack of opportunity for groups to rehearse together; the development of long Covid; and living abroad making costly quarantine prohibitive to travel.

At our last meeting the committee were concerned that May might well be too soon to expect people to come out, especially on consecutive days after having been locked down for so long.

So the only definite news at this stage is that the Pride and Prejudice Ball is to be a virtual event on Saturday May 15th…………..and it’s already proving very popular with our dancing friends. (For more information see events page)

Our Sunday afternoon concert at 3pm on 23rd May is our safest bet currently, and we hope will feature Liz Kenny and Elin Manahan Thomas…..but it is still early days to be sure about what might happen in May.

So with another committee meeting at the beginning of March ………watch this space!


Pride and Prejudice Ball 2021

It will be no surprise to know that we will not be dancing in the Guildhall this year for our Pride and Prejudice Ball…………it is however booked for Saturday 21st May 2022. Musicians Vicki Swann and Jonny Dyer will be providing the music, and Brian Stanton will be calling in the Guildhall Worcester.

In the meantime we will be having a Virtual Ball on Saturday 15th May this year and in the safety of your sitting room and with the help of Zoom you can join in…in costume even!

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Ensemble Echos

Five o clock Baroque

Ensemble Echos have recorded a series of mini concerts of Baroque sonatas from St Helen’s Church, Worcester, the final one being available from Sunday 6th December on youtube.

The whole series is available on Youtube: search Ensemble Echos and find Claire Horacek and friends playing !