Lockdown Baroquathon 2020

Allegro Assai by Carl Stamitz from the Midlands Fretted Orchestra

An excellent and unusual submission to our Baroquathon!

The first movement (Allegro Assai) of Orchestraquartett in C Major by Carl Stamitz from the Midlands Fretted Orchestra, sent in by Danielle Saxon Reeves.

Pippa Jones plays Handel

Pippa plays the second movement from Handel’s C major recorder sonata (Allegro) for our online Baroquathon.f

Ali Kinder – YouTube coaching

Do check out Ali Kinder’s YouTube channel for some tips on viol playing. Ali will be bringing her ensemble Apollo’s Revels to our 2021 Festival (21 – 23 May 2021).

A Baroquathon offering from Micaela Schmitz

Micaela describes the challenges of playing this Tourbillons by Rameau

Andy Watts plays Braun and Telemann

A Minuetto by J D Braun, and Allegro by Telemann from one of the Fantasias for solo flute – played on bassoon by Andy Watts

Claire Horacek and the Manchester Gamba Book

For our Baroquathon, Claire has recorded a piece from the Manchester Gamba Book with the wonderful title “Whoope doe me no harme” by Richard Sumarte.