Coming to Worcester this weekend…

The International Guild of Town Pipers will be gathering for their biennial festival here in Worcester.

The guild consists of Waits bands from all parts of the country who perform music dating from mediaeval times, when each town had their own Waits band who performed and were paid for their municipal duties.

From 10.00am on Saturday there will be performances outdoors at the Guildhall, Greyfriars, and the Commandery, given by Waits bands from Bristol, Colchester, Doncaster, Gloucester, Leeds and the Stadspijpers of Hergtogenbosch.

On Sunday morning there will be a massed performance in Cathedral Plaza when all the bands will play together

AND IT’S ALL FREE, so come and join the mediaeval fun


Author: Barbara Dunn

Barbara trained as a teacher and worked for most of her career in Primary Education, eventually serving as a headteacher in Reading and then in Worcester, before taking early retirement. She has been involved with Worcestershire Early Music from its beginning, delivering workshops and organising concerts and the Pride and Prejudice Ball. Barbara is an enthusiastic amateur musician, playing regularly in many different formal and informal gatherings. She performs with the Gloucester Waits on flutes and recorders